Saturday, March 12, 2011

Make The Cut Settles Cricut Software Lawsuit With Provo Craft

If you have purchased a copy of the MTC software, please read this article. Provo Craft is now suing another 3rd party software creator, Sure Cuts a Lot.

The good news is, if you already have MTC set up and working with your insect cutter, it will continue to work. If Provo Craft issues a firmware update for the machine itself, they may block the software from working. In that case, MTC has been barred from creating an update to work with any future version of Cricut firmware. As long as you don't update your firmware, your machine should continue to work with your bug.

Personally, I believe this is an extremely shortsighted decision on the part of Provo Craft and a sad indicator of their limited vision. I originally bought an expression because it was an cheap cutter that I could use to express my creativity. Well, guess what. I got what I paid for. A CHEAP cutter. I will most definitely be going back to my Craft Robo and saving all my pennies for a Gazelle or a Cougar. It really is a shame that no one at PC has the intelligence to see reality and to work WITH MTC to maximize their market. As it stands now, they will be losing a LOT of business. Way to shoot yourself in the foot PC. Nice move.

All the other cutters require a software to make them work. They all work together with MTC and SCAL to ensure that their machines remain compatible to give their customers the maximum amount of creative ability possible. The insect cutter was the only one that didn’t. They wanted into the market that used a computer so they came up with Design Studio software. What they didn’t want was for anyone to actually use their own imagination and creativity. They want you to only do what they give you on the carts. ALL of the other cutters encourage true creativity.

So PC, you can have the clones. You can have the unimaginative. The rest of us will move on. I’m just sorry I wasted any time, effort or money on PC. However, I will be saving all my pennies for a new Gazelle or Cougar cutter. Not one more penny of my money will go to PC.