Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't ever forget.

I just finished an album for a customer and this one surprised me.  There are no embellishments, no colors, no pretty papers, no ribbons, buttons or other crafty things.  Just move the photos from an old unsafe album to a new archival quality one.  I figured I'd get this one done in a flash and get back to one of my other, more crafty projects.  Yeah, right.

The opening page is a birth certificate from 1950 complete with the little footprints there on top.  Some pages are really fragile and had yellowed badly with time.  As each page went by and I began carefully extracting these precious photos, I found myself wondering about the people in them.  Where they are now?  What do their families remember about them?  I also found myself pausing and wondering where I put all the old photos of my Grandparents, Parents and yes, even my Great-Grandparents.  They aren't in an old album but they aren't in a new one yet either.  I have never felt motivated to do a book about my history.  My family, my heritage.   

Today's thought:  Where are the photos of your family, your ancestors?  Are they in a safe location?  Will your children and grandchildren know who they are?  How about photos of you?  Will your grand-kids realize you were a feisty woman (or man) with a personality and a life?  If you don't put it down on paper, will your kids?  Will they tell your story the way you want it told?  How many generations before you are forgotten? 

Finally, I think I may be ready to start getting that one in order.  After all, I don't want them or my memory of them to be lost.

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