Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pinterest and One More Good Thing

I know, it's been OVER a year since I've posted to my blog. No excuses, life just moves fast these days and as Ferris said, if you don't slow down and enjoy it, you might miss something. Well, I'm not missing much but I'm not slowing down to write about it.

Over the past year, like many others, I've become completely addicted to a little website called Pinterest. I don't know which I enjoy more, the recipes or the DIY stuff. I've made my own laundry soap, cooked all kinds of new foods, C.A.S.E.d any number of craft projects and worked on organizing my home via someone else's plans. Time and time again, I find myself drawn to one blog that I never tire of.

If you haven't yet checked out One Good Thing By Jillie, I highly recommend you stop whatever you are doing and go there now. I promise you will not regret it. Thanks to Jillie, I've made my own laundry soap. I haven't used fabric softener in over a year, and I have my homemade cooking spray in the kitchen. This doesn't even begin to touch the tip of the iceberg of information you'll find with Jillie. So don't walk, RUN to her blog and see what you find that will simplify your life!  Oh, and you are welcome!  (Because I know you'll thank me later. ;o))

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