Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't 'cha LOVE new toys?

I know I do. I see a cool gadget and I just gotta have it. If it has anything to do with my crafting addiction, so much the better. So I was bouncing around in the MTC! forum and happened upon Amy Chomas' blog. What an incredible talent! And she has cool toys!! Naturally, I had to have them, or at least one of them. I pre-ordered the Cricut Embossing Tip Kit. It wasn't due to arrive until the end of the month but guess what my USPS man delivered today? You got it. Took me all of about 15 minutes to get it open, loaded into my bug and creating. It's nothing fancy but just a sample. I can't wait to try it on vellum and some nice card stock.

A Rose is a Rose
Click on image to enlarge.

Check out Amy's blog (see my Blog List in the right hand column) and see the things others are creating.

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