Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh the Shame!!

I have a deep love of scrapbooking. I really love saving all of our memories in beautiful albums that I create. I can proudly say that our son will have every photo I've kept in albums that are made from archival quality materials and they will last until his children's children are tired of seeing them. I love the embellishments, the papers, the rich colors. I use ribbons, fibers, stamps, inks, chipboard, grunge board and paper. But, I have a deep dark secret.

I hate to Journal. There, I said it. I confess. In this area of my books, there is a serious hole. I don't really mind my handwriting, most of the time. What I do mind are the mistakes. They didn't have a name for it when I was younger but I see bits of dyslexia in my writing. Letters transposed now and then. For years I've told others that this is just a part of who I am. That if my writing were perfect, my son would have no idea who created them. I strike out or cover the mistakes and move on. In truth, I really hate it. Since I type much better than I write, I'd like to computer journal but it goes against everything I have taught others about scrapping for years. Your handwriting, good or bad, is a piece of you that you place in your albums right along side the photos and the embellishments. I really believe this so I tend to avoid writing at all. NOT a solution I'm happy with. Until today!

My friend Dana now creates beautiful fonts from your own handwriting! And yes. I know. There are others who do this but, NONE until Dana that have taken my handwriting and worked with me until it actually is a very nice usable font that [insert gasp of surprise] IS my hand writing! Finally freedom! I can now journal on the computer, in my own handwriting and add it to my albums!! The result is so nice that even my school teacher mom would be proud of my penmanship. :o)

If you are like me and dislike writing in your albums, or just want a font from your handwriting for any reason, go see Dana! She will be thrilled to help you create a personalized font you can be proud of too. See Dana's blog SVG and MTC Files. Thanks Dana!

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