Friday, April 16, 2010

I need a Retreat!

Yeah, okay. I'm an addict. From the first time I did it, I knew I'd do it again and again and again. I just couldn't resist! It makes me feel SO good. I feel relaxed, creative and happy. I laugh all the time and have sore ribs afterward. All my friends do it. Most of the time we do it together. In fact, I'm already planning to do it again in about 3 weeks and then later this summer, mid-August. No, I don't need an intervention. I won't check myself into rehab. I don't have a "problem", I LIKE my habit! Yeah, it can get expensive, but I manage to find the money somewhere. To date, I haven't had to resort to crime to afford it so what's the big deal? I'm not hurting anyone. Maybe you should try it too!

I'm talking about retreats. I love LOVE going to scrapbooking retreats with my girlfriends. It's always a different group but many times some of the same people are there. It's ALWAYS fun. Occasionally there's some drama but the drama queens usually fade away. We're low maintenance, high fun, giggle addicts who love to get together and crop.

For Mother's Day weekend I'm going away with my online SS girlfriends. We're headed back to Salado for the weekend. In August, I'll be headed to Temple with some of my old CM friends and a few of my online girls as well. My groups are starting to blend together. I'm thinking that May to August is just too long without a retreat so I may try to put something together in June too. Hmmm, off to check calendars.

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