Saturday, March 27, 2010

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Just about the time I think they can't make it a better deal, they surprise me.

Yesterday I spent a little over an hour watching the first Make the Cut! Webinar with the program creator, Andy. Those of you who know me know I'm a bit of a geek. Computer software just makes sense to me. I learn easily and enjoy the learning. Well this is no exception. Every time MTC! releases a new version of the software, they blow me out of the water. There are new features, new capabilities and yes, new tutorials. Before I can even think, "What have they done here?" someone has a tutorial out showing me exactly what they've done.

With this last version release Andy added layers to our toolbox. With layers we can more easily break apart images and color code them for ease in cutting. He gave us a glimpse of what goes on in his head and ladies, I can't WAIT for the next release. This guy understands our scraping needs and wants to give us a easy to learn, user friendly tool. AND HE'S DOING IT!! He wants our suggestions. He listens. He cares how it works.

If you haven't got MTC! yet, now's the time. If you're curious, go download the trial version for free and play with it. You will NOT be disappointed. If you still aren't sure, go to the user forum and view some of the tutorials. Read the reviews of other users. Play with it.

Can you tell I've been bitten by the MTC! bug? Join me! It's fun!

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